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We are a company created and managed by specialists that helps your organization thrive in a world that gets more competitive every day. Our mission is to provide first class IT services adapted to satisfy your needs.

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Our Services

At Endion we utilize cutting-edge technology to cater services that range from BI and Data Integration to Web and Mobile Development

BI Consultation

Simplify the access to your organization's information. We analyse and process your data to show you amazing fully customizable reports.

Web Development

Get your company a responsive cross-platform website. Process driven development to build impressive websites.

Mobile Development

Enable your customers to interact with you no matter the device. Modern and feature-rich solutions for iOS and Android mobile apps.

UX Design

We’ll enhance your user’s satisfaction with an easy to access product. A seamless blend of design and usability.

QA Automation

High quality software requires intensive testing. We’ll miss no bugs with our continuous testing processes.

Visual Design

A great design is necessary to clearly communicate ideas. We’ll help transform your brand providing a paramount digital experience.

How we work

At Endion we believe it’s necessary to follow a set of proven methodologies to create awesome products. No matter your budget or size, the next steps are crucial in any modern software development environment.


Project planning and requirements

During the first phase, we’ll schedule a call to better understand your objectives. The objective of this first meeting is listening to your pain points, and comprehend what you have in mind to develop the best solution customized for your necessities and target budget. We are aware that each of our clients are unique, and so are our solutions. That’s why this this phase is essential to create an effective solution and provide you with a product that makes you proud.


Market research

After we have discovered your objectives, we’ll begin our in-depth market research to design a service around your users and their needs. This process helps to understand who your likely users are and what they’re trying to do, how they currently do it and what they need from your service to achieve their goal. Finalizing this step will set the base for the layout design.



This next phase consists in designing the layout to show you how the product will look. With the market research in mind, we’ll iterate through prototypes being user satisfaction the ultimate goal. Each of our designs is thought with the UX at the core, emphasising harmony and a balance between visual unity and variety.


Development and testing

We use an agile development lifecycle to adapt to change and deliver working software as soon as possible. During this phase, our team holds daily and weekly meetings to take decisions throughout the development process. Within every sprint, the team will determine which features will be developed and put through rigorous testing every line of code written to assure a bug free product.

Our tech experience

At Endion, we solve complex problems using cutting-edge technologies.

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